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ABOUT Allure by Greatons Jewelers

Allure is not only the product of over 65 years in the jewelry industry but more importantly of a family tradition. That tradition is based on the fundamentals my parents and grandparents ingrained into me on how to do business….The Right Way.

“Yes, Allure specializes in Fine Jewelry, Engagement sets, Diamonds, Colored Stones and Fashion Jewelry."

More than that – at Allure we specialize in truly and honestly working our best to serve our customers. We are a true American small business and the Absolute Best Thing about being a small business is that we only answer to and work for you..Our Customers.

"If you love our store - I will say thank you..and mean it. If you have an issue with anything - I will work my best to resolve it."

You may find a larger showroom than Allure but you will never find a better business partner to help you make the most of the special moments in your life.


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