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ABOUT Coughlin Jewelers

Coughlin Jewelers began as a small, family-owned company in 1992 under the name American Diamond Importers. We quickly became known for our superb yet affordable jewelry, and soon business was booming! In 2010, we were delighted to give our thriving business its new name - Coughlin Jewelers. After almost 30 years, we are still proudly serving the Blue Water Area with our main location in St. Clair on South Riverside Ave.

We carry an incredible selection of engagement rings, wedding ring sets, watches, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets from the most popular designers all over the world. Venture into our store, and you’ll find the newest and finest pieces from designers such as Mark Schneider, Michou, and Frédéric Duclos. Not to mention our extensive array of handbags, satchels, and totes by the world-famous California brand Brighton Collectibles. We are so excited for you to visit and experience the beauty and elegance of everything we have to offer.


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